Nourish: 15 Days of Personal Hospitality!  

Day 15: Big-hearted Twirls

Today, I will take this fifteen-day running start and put it in my backpack to carry with me going forward. I will not forget that hospitality starts at home in the generous way that I love myself, show up true and make space to listen to my heart beat, befriend her and grant her kindness and permission to speak. I will baby myself in the tender way I have heard my Maker call me, "Baby girl." I will hold the door open for bighearted twirls and steep myself in kindness, because I am worth loving. I will grasp the beauty that I am today and everyday more still. I will receive this gift of wellbeing and sweet personal hospitality, because baby, I am worth it! Going forward I will show myself personal hospitality through_______________________________________________________________________________________.