APRIL 14-17, 2016

Untamed Creative Retreat

The road was never meant to tame you, but awaken you!


The Untamed Creative Retreat is for women who long to enter into a wide-open space where they can turn off the outside noise and demands of life for a time of connecting with their truest self, and inner knowing for a creative dive, a fun unearthing, and a dance with beauty.


“Imagine setting it all down--papers, plans, appointments, everything--leaving only a note: "Gone to the fields to be lovely. Be back when I'm through with blooming...." Camas Lilies, a poem by Lynn Ungar


Join us for a time of rekindling joy, and passion through artful experiences, mingled with inspirational-unsticking to allow for re-energizing, moving into new vision, new purpose and renewed inspiration. 


During this transformational retreat you will engage in creative exercises with the purpose of unlocking and releasing the treasure within. You will create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that will be meaningful as significant markers along your journey, as well as fun art methods to add to your creative tool belt. There is nothing more important that breaking away from the chorus to be reminded of your own inner voice.


Created by professional Life Coach, and artist, Kimber Britner, a powerful motivator helping women recognize the depth of what they possess. Kimber understands that creativity is a process and way of being, not merely a product. Art provides the most wonderful means to engage and recapture ones original freedom and aliveness, which often gets buried under the “shoulds” of everyday life. 


Research has shown that engaging in creativity helps carry information and revelation from our heads to our hearts. One need only to be open to explore new ways of seeing, while being supported by ample love, instruction and creative supplies for the novice, reluctant creative, or seasoned pro.


With a rich and authentic style, Kimber holds the space to rethink where you might be getting tripped up and to give yourself permission to step outside of your box. With her artistic flare, professional coaching expertise, Daring WayTM and Rising StrongTM certification, innovative ability to create on and off the canvas, you are in for a meaningful, and enlivening experience.Click here to Read Kimber's Bio.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton


What you will experience at the Untamed Creative Retreat

A Little Chat with Kimber

For years clients have expressed the desire for regular support throughout the day, hence, my inspirational Facebook quotes to uplift and encourage.Follow me! My book, Untamed Heart, Releasing Your Creative Genius, is also a great support and fun, inspiration road map for living an inspired life. Many still choose more in-depth support through one-on-one coaching. And still there are others who invest in themselves by jumping into the river, feeling the current and getting fully submerged in a creative and inspiring atmosphere. Personally, that is me!, There is nothing like an enriching experience where you have chosen to be all in and are ready to receive the gifts you are meant to receive.


The more we cultivate our inner listening and are open to receive insights and inspiration; we reignite our own vitality and vibrancy. This is our birthright.


Sometimes life makes us wobbly and we need to shift, rearrange and find fresh inspiration to help us spring forth into new territory, new seasons, or new desires in our lives. We need a kind of spacious nurture that allows room to spread out, explore and connect with our intuition. This is an environment where one has permission to flow naturally, and organically, to reconnect to ones truest self, and things the heart might be yearning for below the surface. In responding with a 'yes' despite the circumstance, it's amazing to see hearts align to more Inner truth and authenticity.


Two things in life that the soul will never tire of needing: Art and rest. 

“What a bright light. Kimber is compassionate and extremely talented. Never have I met a person who combines such grace and intelligence to direct her clients to achieve long lasting results." E. L.


Who would benefit from the Untamed Creative Retreat? Those who want:

   To give themselves permission to romp and play in the field of their creativity, because it’s been a while or maybe never!

   An opportunity to encounter the graces of southern hospitality that you do not have to serve up yourself, beautiful meals, beautiful surroundings, fun, and family!

   A place to be free, because you know you need to let your hair down and give room to the untamed you!

   A place to feel lavished upon! Everyone knows that historically great things have happened in barns. And we have some beautiful barns! (Don’t worry you won’t be sleeping in them!)

   A place for artist and non-artist to make new friends who are easy to hang with.

   A place to feel accepted, safe, highly valued and inspired.

   A place of beauty to draw out the beauty in you.

   A place of peace, rest and exhilaration all rolled up into one!

   A place to expand, glean, grow, morph and receive new inspiration while getting your art on and so much more.

   A place for those who know the value of investing in self-care & putting the oxygen mask on themselves first.

   A place to be artsy, authentic, deep, silly and smart! A place where you matter! A place to have an open heart to receive just what you need. A place to explore this area of the country, checkout the blues in Memphis should you choose to.


Tender reprieve you found me & invited me past busyness & distraction to hear the whispers of what my heart had forgotten. Kimber Britner


Sign up now, space is limited! You are the only one who can invest in your life and Girl Friend you are worth the investment!

“The way you help others get to their desires then live them out is so powerful. You had a very strong impact on my life and I just want to say thanks.” S. T.

"I would say that Kimber empowered me, but in fact, she showed me how to use the strengths and talents that I have to create the vision that I see. It has made so much sense out of my life. Kimber helps you realize your goals, by showing you how to live your whole life more vibrantly." K.T.


From Memphis you cross over the Mississippi on I 40, turn right on I 55 and head North until you exit off onto lazy country roads. Soon you will come to a little town doing big things, Wilson, AR. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee and piece of pie at the Wilson Cafe. We're neighbors, so you're not much further now. Breathe in the expansive big sky views, farm land and wide open spaces.


Retreat Itinerary


3:00pm 5:00pm Check-in, get settled and mingle with other participants

5:30 Welcome meet and greet cocktail party followed by dinner

Enjoy a relaxing evening, receive your retreat journal with daily prompts to start you on your 'Untamed' journey



8:00-9:00 Breakfast

9:00-10:00 We will mosey to the barn for our morning session. Kimber will lead us through reflection exercises and inner unsticking as we move into creative play

10:00-12:00 Kimber will lead you through various mixed media exploration, releasing and igniting exercises carried over from our morning session

12:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 The art play is in full swing now and your hands are sure to be dirty!

3:00-5:00 Take a walk around the grounds, enjoy and afternoon snack, visit, rest, revamp for the evening, continue to work on your art or meet for your individual bonus coaching session

5:00-6:00 Meet and share your take aways from the day over a glass of wine, or glass of ice tea

6:30-8:30 A special dinner hosted at the White House in Wilson

8:30 Visit with one another and end the evening with quiet reflection and journaling through your prompts



8:00-9:00 Breakfast

9:00-10:00 Group Coaching Discussion, fun and processes

10:00 12:00 Art exploration and projects

12:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Continue to work on art pieces

3:00-5:00 Free time, snacks (surprise option also available and continued bonus coaching sessions)

5:00 Meet, share, reflect and process your work with a glass of wine or a glass of ice tea

6:30 Closing Dinner Celebration at the Wilson Cafe

8:30 Quiet reflections and journaling, visit with new friends



9:00-10:30 Breakfast along with the final session discussion

11:00 Checkout and goodbyes to allow for return travel


What's Included?

This is an all-inclusive Women’s Retreat, which means:

  • All beautifully prepared and presented meals, snacks, beverages and wine
  • 3 Night shared lodging with a sweet beautiful, cottagey feel on our family grounds. However, if you would prefer a private room at your own expense, we are happy to refer you to the local accommodations. 
  • Art supplies  
  • Group lead discussions, projects, coaching, and out of the box, field tromping fun!
  • 30 Minute individual coaching session
  • Surprise opportunity
  • Kimber's Coaching, Daring WayTM and Rising StrongTm and artistic expertise
  • Dynamite Gift bag of goodies and more!

***Fees do not include airfare or car rentals.

***BONUS GIFT*** 30 minute coaching session with Kimber, to move past blocks, launch vision, work on and celebrate your self-permissions, or whatever forward movement you might be needing. 


Once you have registered and made your payment you will receive further instructions about the retreat, clothing suggestions, driving directions, tips and welcome letter as well as contact information for further questions. If you are traveling via air, the nearest airport is Memphis International.

***If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know as you register, so we can make the necessary arrangements.

There are two payment options. You can pay for the entire retreat in full for $997.00, or for a short time you can choose the two payment option plan with the final payment due one month prior to arrival date. Failure to complete your payment plan on the designated date will forfeit all funds paid and your spot at the retreat.

Fees are non-refundable, but are transferable to another name if you have an emergency and are unable to attend. You are responsible for finding an appropriate replacement and working out the fee exchange with that new attendee. Great effort and expense goes into making these events possible, therefore there are no exceptions to this policy.


“Working with Kimber has been deeply effective to my soul as well as a fun journey of discovering. Our time together has been rich and empowering! I wholeheartedly consider the investment an important part of loving myself, understanding that I am the only one who can ultimately make the changes in my life and am accountable for what I do and do not do.” M. N.

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