E Is for Energy

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E is for Energy and without it, you and I wouldn’t exist. It’s no surprise that the scientific community has revealed that the world is made up of energy. Some of it is positive and restorative and some toxic and destructive energy. Anabolic energy builds up, while Catabolic energy tears down. Have you ever considered the predominant energy in your life?

If you’re wondering how to find out, a good place to start is to check in with yourself. Do you feel drained, visionless and apathetic? Are you angry, rash, off-loading blame onto others? These are signs of Catabolic energy. In fact, if you’re on social media you witness this energy regularly.

When my energy is challenged, I check in with myself. I determine if it’s due to an overly strenuous workout, toxic thoughts or beliefs ruminating in my mind or unexpressed emotion that I’m unaware of? The good news is when I discover thoughts that are draining me, I have the power to shift out of catabolic energy and so do you.

The Shift

The first step to shift your energy begins by taking responsibility for your thoughts, attitudes and actions. That’s right, that one act alone begins to shift your energy from catabolic to anabolic. Think about the times your constitution has been low and you felt stronger by merely implementing a plan of action. The reason is: you shifted out of the draining apathy connected with catabolic energy and into life-giving anabolic energy.

Who doesn’t want more joy, peace, inspiration and synchronicity in their life? Becoming present to your emotional climate is paramount if you want to increase your good energy. Gaining conscious awareness around your energy level and learning to shift it is key to health and happiness.

Take Stock

To take stock of your energy:

  • Regularly create a quiet space to inquire and journal around what you’re feeling and how you’ve been showing up in life.

  • Get present and inquisitive.


  • How is your drive and inspiration, lately?

  • How do you feel physically?

  • How are your relationships?

The answers to these questions are clues to measure your energy level.

Remember the first step to shift your energy is to take responsibility. For the first step toward learning more about shifting your energy and gaining other great coaching strategies, sign up here to be notified when my new book drops, Uprising, The Happiness Shift! A 40 Day Guide to Shift Out of Fear Into Redonkulous Joy!

Isn’t it time to shift your energy!