Smashing Those Damn Boxes

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My mom was a box disrupter. She managed to break the rules set out for southern woman raising kids on their own in the seventies. She thumbed her nose at most of what was considered appropriate and it wore on me as a girl in pursuit of normalcy.


Sure my sister and I had kid leather gloves that matched our little purses and shoes, but tie her down? That was out of the question. I don’t blame her for her gypsy ways or my young heart’s struggle to keep up, feel safe and manage the unmanageable. While mom careened to the left, I resisted and swung hard to the right and littered my life with ill-fitting boxes. Truth be told, my spirit was never really a right swinging gal.

I wonder how many boxes have confined women that were merely a reaction to their environment? The amazing thing is that the boxes we create or allow ourselves to be contained in are like cardboard. They can be broken down.

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Fear shames us into servitude, while turning our thunderous heartbeats into cold toast.


Throughout my life there were hints of that thunderous heartbeat, that teen Patti Smith within me that smoldered truth. But I lacked the tools that I now have to help Patti navigate back to herself. Fear was too great an advisory back then.

Today the boxes I willingly crawled into and the one’s I obliviously landed in are equally distasteful to me, but like mom, I’m wild about the color of possibility and of wide-open, unhindered spaces. That’s why I am so passionate about helping other women who have lost their thunderous heartbeat awaken and reclaim themselves.


The unhindered wild hearts we began with are always waiting to be liberated. That’s why I help those who are ready to awaken and sling paint on their insides where it’s been dark. I help those tentative, no shows, dance to the music in their lives, to copious amounts of loud music and nodding “yes” to every part of their beauty. I help women reclaim and celebrate their shamed and abandoned parts.


I recognize those girls that were schooled into boxes. I recognize their true essence and free nature before they learned to please. I remember what they were like before the life was choked out of them. They’re finding their wings and coming back home to their most spirited, alive and spiritual selves.

Are you one of them?


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