Feasting or Settling

Love is an eternal substance that supersedes all else. Defying what is comprehendible to the natural mind and sight, there is nothing that can hinder Love from reaching and apprehending even what is considered “unreachable.” Mysteriously supernatural Love changes and alters the most barred and reluctant hearts. There is nothing greater.


Words are mere vapors that lack the ability to truly define or describe Love’s reality, yet Love’s generosity is instantly distinguishable. We know the difference between what is real and what is half hearted or duty driven. Lovers always give more than mere slaves.


The springtime aroma of welcome and acceptance released by Love is immediately recognizable. It’s only when we’ve tasted and feasted on Love that we abandon that which is stale and regurgitated. Our palettes won’t allow us to go back to that which is rote, stagnant and toxic to our souls.

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