Where Are You, Dorothy?

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Humanity has a very real tendency toward fickleness or what I refer to as the “Dorothy Syndrome.” Remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz searching outside herself for what she could only discover at home within herself?

Years ago a stranger told me that I was a Dorothy and that I had made it all the way to Emerald City, but found it sorely lacking. I had seen through the sham and the imposter behind the curtain and I was on a journey back home to myself.


They’re haven’t been truer words spoken into my life. There have been many times that I exchanged who I am for an illusion that had me tapping my way through life in someone else’s shoes. It took me a long time to find my way home to myself, but I did.

Maybe he picked up on the fact that in my early twenties one of my off-roading ventures was the time I was almost seduced into being a stripper, by a Harvard grad who glamorized the freedom of dancing her way to a paycheck. Although I never went through with it, I can’t imagine a detour that could have been more ill fitting and one I talk about in Uprising.

Maybe he picked up on the way I squeezed myself into a “good girl” culture and left my smarts, intuition and true essence far behind on the roadside. I bet you’re on Dorothy’s journey, too, whether you realize it or not.

Like Dorothy, you’ve probably ventured out into unknown territory, stopping along the way to pick flowers, marking time, only to end up in stupor, forgetting who you are and needing to find your way home. Like many, you might be finding your path by discovering what isn’t your path and that’s okay. I encourage you to give yourself the time and space you need for discovery, otherwise you might live your whole life in someone else’s shoes.


Dorothy, been home lately?

Have you run smack dab into your own fickleness? When you stumble upon your next fickle debacle, recognize that you’re one stop closer to the congruence you seek. All it takes to begin your trek home is to tune into yourself in new ways.

Here are some places to start:

  • Stay attentive to what resonates with you at the core.

  • Get still within so you can discern an internal tug of war telling you that something isn’t a right fit.

  • Listen to the gentle whisper telling you you’re in conflict and resistance.

  • Learn to recognize the signs cluing you into personal alignment.

  • Give yourself permission to reassess and make adjustments along the way.


Emerald Cities are never what they’re toted to be and will never bring you happiness until you create happiness within yourself. “You’re the only person that gets to live your life, so if you’ve abdicated your life to others, you’re not living it!” Uprising, The Happiness Shift

Dorothy, Isn’t it time to go home?

Find Uprising, The Happiness Shift, A 40 Day Guide to Shift Out of Fear Into Redonkulous Joy here. Enjoy the Perception Challenge and Exercise at the end of each daily segment that will keep you on your toes (in the best way possible). These exercises will help you identify your wrong fits and what makes you feel most alive.

If you’re a Dorothy living in Charlotte and you know it’s time to come back to yourself, join us this fall for the next, Uprising Group.