3 Easy Tips to Disengage Distractions

photo-6Nine-month-old Wyatt sat on my lap preening his neck one way and then the other to capture the colorful movement flashing on the TV screen in front of him and the reflection in the mirror behind him.

He seemed unclear where to devote his attention.  Sound familiar? Often there are so many colors flashing at us in life that it becomes difficult to know where to focus. We position our gaze on something, only to discover it’s merely a reflection and not what we thought it was at all.

How many dangling carrots have grabbed your attention, only to distract you from what you really wanted to focus on?

It is important to define the things that hold real value and meaning in our life. Many people think they know what matters the most to them, yet demonstrate the lack of clear parameters and boundaries to filter less important criteria.

That is why Clarification, Optimization and Activation are so important.


To disengage your distractions, reboot and refocus!

  • Clarify where you are currently.
  • Devote time to determine where you are going.
  • And define and create a plan to get there.


Otherwise you may continue to experience whiplash from the constant preening that derails your focus.