5 Inspiring Tips for Joy In the Midst of Transition

Joy in insides


Do you ever feel like you are on a different track? Everyone else seems to be joyfully racing ahead while you’re in the midst of transition and feel like a deflated tire?

Once when I was in a particularly difficult season my son Gabriel encouraged me with a true story about a man that forfeited his treasure due to his own weariness. The man had been digging in hopes of finding valuable gold reported on his property.

Discovering no such treasure the man sold his land and lost his fortune. The new owner began digging where the previous owner stopped and struck gold!

Let’s be honest, there are times when life is intense. We can learn to change our perspective, move forward or be crushed under the weight of weariness. If discouragement is weighing you down here are 5 tips for joy in the midst of transition.

 If joy is not about our circumstance (often we can’t see the gold that lies just feet away) it is about our outlook and focus.

  1. Reframe your focus by looking at the possibilities. Make a decision not to give your circumstances power over you. You may not be able to control every circumstance in your life, but you can determine how you will respond to them.
  2. Recognize that your attitude sets the course for your altitude. Instead of dwelling on the negative look for the good around you and you are sure to experience a joy shift.
  3. Live life as a celebration! On the subway, at work, or doing homework, make it a party. Do the work, but put on the music in your heart and turn the beat around. Believe God is your biggest fan and experience a huge joy shift!
  4. Establish routines that bring you joy be it watching the sunrise, sampling international foods, listening to great music, enjoying an evening with friends, or accomplishing a goal.
  5. Practice living in the present and making the most of your today, because it’s the only today you have and you’re the only one who can.

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