Are You a Creative Incubator?

1975107_10151931338397121_1841359881_nSome people have a natural gift that brings order to the world, others are gifted at overseeing aspects of life, and then there are those who actually create and walk out new ways of seeing, thinking, being and living. I think of these as Creative Incubators.

I am a Creative Incubator.  I began seeing the world in this unique fashion during childhood when I took odd broken pieces of jewelry, watches and gadgets and reconfigured them into jewelry and art. This was long before the steam punk movement emerged, or I recognized that life design happens in a similar fashion.

This way of seeing things calls for a second look, evokes a new question or causes one to consider the possibilities, but it’s only visible to those who are willing to pull aside and explore beyond the beaten path. The beaten path is not usually where Creative Incubators thrive.

Being a Creative Incubator requires the ability to grow comfortable with the unknown. It’s not that I’ve actually ever been comfortable with the unknown, but I’ve gained a willingness to sit with the unknown while letting it morph, speak, gain shape and move through my open hands. Sometimes I resist this. Sometimes I ignore the promptings, busying myself, or simply disengaging and devaluing the rays of inspiration I allow to flitter out of reach.

Laurie Beth Jones wrote in The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for life, “Most of us are still caught in the past. Few of us can see beyond the present. Each of us must see into the future, and thus help create it, if we are to successfully accomplish our mission.”

Just yesterday morning after having previously begun this blog post I awoke from a dream where I was creating art, shaped like a church building. When I awoke I somehow I knew that I was to engage in a new series entitled: Faith Redefined. Because of my own personal journey with faith and faith culture I knew that the dream was speaking about creating something new, something authentic, raw, and beautifully redefined. I knew that boldly standing in the place of speaking truth and life through my art was an act of releasing aspects of shame, fear and judgment that have been trapped in faith cultures for eons and hindering the true reflection of beauty.

The creative process is not only a way of processing life, but also a way of giving birth to new life. Not all Creative Incubators are artists in the traditional sense, but are in some fashion bringing forth change and newness.

Are you a Creative Incubator? Do you struggle to articulate or understand what flutters within your being until you begin to walk it out, expressing and formulating inspiration as if through the beating of your wings against your own inner walls? Then suddenly a freed butterfly emerges, or a grounded bird takes flight. Are you amazed to see the stirring you struggle to identify morphing into a threshold of possibility?

What Creative Incubators Need

Caring for a Creative Incubator is paramount, because these are the ones that are easily trampled under foot or wrapped in the very bob wire they're meant to release. When this happens the world looses a fragrance like no other, a beauty that can’t be seen through muddled waters, a sound so stirring that only those listening have the privilege to hear.

These beat to a unique sound. Though they can lead the procession they’re often unseen, constrained from running with the pack or building castles.

If you’re a Creative Incubator you know when your soul is thirsty and your spirit longs to be quenched. You know that you can’t keep up with others that seem unaffected by what you sense in the atmosphere, threatening your peace and resolve. It's important to learn tips to care for yourself or other Creative Incubators you may know.

 10 Self-Care Tips for Creative Incubators:

  1. Give Creative Incubators space to process, be it in the garden, the kitchen, the studio or the study. Incubators are deeply intuitive and often process things going on in the spiritual realm. It’s only when they recognize this and find peace in the process, that they'll truly be free.
  2. Incubators need rest and quiet even if they’re social beings.
  3. Creative Incubators need to beware of getting caught in the comparison trap. Help them honor and value their uniqueness, because not everyone can wear this hat.
  4. Fun is a necessity to round out a Creative Incubator's intensity. Support them in taking time to skip a while.
  5. The environment is a Creative Incubator's laboratory; so allow them to make it ascetically beautiful, and well organized. Staying organized will help them process what they're feeling, even if they're not natural organizers (most likely not) solicit help from others.
  6. Support them in self-care with simple nourishment like fresh flowers, a spa date, a walk in the country, regular music playing in the background, or other rejuvenating activities. 
  7.        What goes in is what comes out. It's vital to keep oneself well watered, physically and spiritually, growing a relationship with God, so the stream is not muddied or stagnant.Being an empathetic “feeler,” doesn’t mean one should let their emotions drive them. Support them in learning to dwell on what is good, true and right, by taking stray thoughts captive and using their creative, intuitive nature positively. Dealing with unforgiveness, fear and shame are absolute necessities to stay clear and open, an integral part of self-care.
  8. It's important for Creative Incubators to find like-minded souls who value their beauty and support their uniqueness.
  9. A Creative Incubator must learn to deal with shame around their unique sensitivity, because shame is the all time life zapper.
  10. Giving self-permission to recharge regularly through classes, retreats, workshops, or inspired activities that strengthen and affirm one's true identity is paramount to a Creative Incubator. One must recognize the necessity of refilling the tank. Those who create, pour out, feel and sense, need extra attention to self-care. Don't expect others to suggest this. It won’t happen! This is the gift Creative Incubators must give themselves before they've nothing left to give others. Those that struggle with this need to consider doing shame work.

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