Are You a Zebra in a Cattle World?

Kimberism: Show off your stripes. You could start a new trend! Have you ever felt like a Zebra amongst cattle? Not because you are entirely too exotic for the rest of us, but because you seem to be painted with stripes and find it hard to blend in.

Sometimes I feel like my stripes betray me. When I am trying to blend in to the scenery those stripes declare that I am different. Different was never that popular as a southern girl!

In the movie, What a Girl Wants, Amanda Bynes plays Daphne Reynolds a misplaced daughter of a wealthy British politician running for office. At ever turn she discovered her stripes caused quite a commotion though she dutifully tried to fit in.

Wisely her friend Ian asked, "Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?" Great question, right?

How about you....Do you try to fit in instead of joyfully standing out? Do you seek to graze like cattle when you prefer to gallop on the open range?

Instead of trying so hard to fit in, why not own your uniqueness?