Are You As Curious As George?

Kimberism: Curiosity is the beginning of discovery. One of my favorite books as a child was Curious George. I loved hearing about the misadventures George continuously got caught up in. Ah, to be curious like George? 

There is nothing duller than a self-satisfied person who has all the answers and little curiosity. I can’t help but think that life may mercifully throw a wrench in the path of those who need a little curiosity awakening.

Calculated maneuvering and manipulated strategies will never compare to the realm of hunger and curiosity that expands vision and spawns innovation. Like George, childlike wonder holds more possibilities than any amount of fixed interpretations.

What if you woke up one morning and supernaturally possessed the curiosity of a child. How different would your world be or the present situations you perceive as obstacles? What would be the first thing you might notice, maybe your average wardrobe suddenly becoming the doorway to another world, or your run-of-the-mill desk morphing into a pirate's ship, or your sudden layoff an opportunity for expansion.

We can shift our focus so that our imagination and curiosity gets stirred. Some of the things that cause me to take a second look and stimulate my childlike curiosity are:

  • A picnic before an ocean landscape
  • A self-assured teenager who stopped to show kindness to a homeless man
  • The way my husband took apart the dryer and reassembles it without directions
  • Those I know in their 20s eager, but unsure about life
  • God’s inspiration and pursuing love
  • The crazy vegetation in Southern Cal
  • People willingly forfeiting their protective armor
  • Those who understand that control is an illusion
  • My son’s gift to create new songs
  • The sweetness of old friends
  • Witnessing a child’s teetering romp and unabated exploration

What causes you to become curious like George?

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