Are You Attempting a Bypass?

Kimberism:  If we imagine we have any great ability apart from God we are only fooling ourselves!  Bypasses are common structures effectively designed to move traffic around busy cities. Another useful bypass is used in heart surgery. Although there are modern bypasses that are great additions to our lives, there is one bypass we should be weary of taking. The bypass I am talking about is the route that attempts to bypass the realm of the heart altogether. Living from the head, intellect and self-sufficiency is one method that attempts to avoid the heart yet won't be able to in the end.

Although many would say they've gotten to where they are by their own hard work and utter self-reliance this route not only attempts to bypass the heart, it inadvertently attempts to bypass God. Remember the mishap in the Garden of Eden? Eating the apple from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was man's attempt to make it on their own and out think God. Have you ever tried to bypass God in hopes that He didn't notice?

In these uncertain times willpower will not sustain you. Are you tired of trying to take a bypass and make it on your self-reliance? Do you want to get connected to Divine inspiration?

1. Invite God into the driver seat and bypass the bypass!

2. Ask God to reveal Himself to you and don't stop seeking until He does!

3. Begin to develop a relationship with heaven (authentically communicate and listen, rather than tossing up rote prayers, agendas or formulas.)

4. Find a mentor that demonstrates they walk the talk.

5. Avoid quick fixes that promise a bypass!

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