Are You Aware of What You're Packing?

photo-6 copy 3Are you struggling to be better? Do you try to be more loveable, more acceptable? Stop for a moment and consider who you are!

If you haven’t already had that ah ha moment, I hope today is the day when you realize that you don’t have to work harder to be you! You merely have to recognize the “you” that you are!

Flowers don’t work to show off their beauty. They merely stand boldly with their face pointed toward the sun, radiating their color.

Every single being is made after its kind. We were made after the image of a spectacular creator. Wow, that’s some credentialing!

Attitudes and behaviors don’t create ones identity, but rather ones identity creates ones behavior.


If you’re wearing a loud outer persona that yells, “I’m over here! See me” you’re working entirely too hard, or if you’re shrinking and hiding to remain hidden then you haven’t recognized the magnitude of who you are.

Wake up and recognize the marvel that you are and that you already have the goods. Isn’t it a relief to know that you don’t have to strive and work to be something you already are? You’re already stocked full with God deposits. Stand tall with your face directed toward the sun and radiate your natural color.