Are You Dialed Into Your Intuition?

Kimberism: "The decision I have come to is that I would rather make the gravest of mistakes than to surrender my own judgment." Spoken by the character Cora in The Last of the Mohicans

I am the type of person who relies heavily on my intuition. Although I sometimes miss the mark, the information I glean is usually highly accurate and helps my decision making process. How aware are you of the valuable information your internal guidance system offers you?

Science has proven that we us only a small portion of our brain. Imagine the benefit of accessing greater portions of our intellect, such as intuition and even genius. I believe you can grow your intuition through more acute heart and cognitive awareness. As with most things, it begins with awareness.

Recently I had two information packed dreams. One was concerning a business venture my son Josh began. In the dream I heard the word, “explosive” and I knew that the business was about to explode into success.

Another dream I had was about being given a present and inside the present was a pair of 3D glasses. Later when I was actually invited into a business opportunity with the gift giver, I felt comfortable knowing the opportunity would expand my vision and perception. This information helped foster a positive decision.

How dialed in are you to your intuition, or what I sometimes refer to as my God-connect. Often I find that clients have never allowed themselves to tap into their intuition, or trust their inner knowing, yet when they do their inclinations are often correct.

Years ago a mentor told me if I wanted to receive more intuitively, I needed to place value on what I received. The best way to place value on something you’ve sensed is to respond to it. Practice listening to your inner guidance and respond to the information you receive. What have you picked up on intuitively that is awaiting your response? Take a leap of faith and grow your intuition.

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