Are You In Dis-ease?

ID-10090284For years I have been on a journey of eating well and learning to understand myself from the inside out. I find it fascinating that the body has three major organs that come into contact with the outside world: the skin, lungs and digestive tube. These organs act as borders, so to speak as they process outside elements.

Did you know that we actually have two brains?  Dr. Alejandro Junger said in his book, Clean Gut,

“The brain in your head is the hardware for your thoughts. But when you experience a “gut feeling” or intuition, the tiny sparks of electricity show up within the neurons in your second brain. While your first brain serves as your intellectual hardware, your second brain-the gut-is your spiritual and emotional GPS.”

Our body gives us a magnificent picture of the way we process. We have a system designated to process and break down food into smaller pieces, but think about the little thought we give to the overall work our body does to process outside stimuli that is translated into information and emotion.

Pour digestion is the current epidemic. Many illnesses steam from a diseased gut, or dis-eased gut and yet the modern way is to pile on prescriptions and never take the time to investigate what is going on below the surface. We never uncover the root cause of our dis-ease.

 A wise woman once said, “All unexpressed emotions come out sideways.” Imagine how our unrealized and unexpressed emotions cause dis-ease within ourselves, be it blockages, irritated and inflamed tissues, obesity and the list goes on.

It’s easy to ignore what’s hidden beneath the surface. What's out of sight and out of mind may not merely be food assimilation, but the emotional and spiritual climate of our interior world.

The lack of attention to the interior world is the true epidemic many a dis-eased gut mirrors. How are you addressing the areas in your life where there is dis-ease? Are you giving as much attention to your inner world as you do your outer world?

The time to invest in your inner world is before it demands attention. Here are some practical ways to process what you are taking in: invest in a life coach; a coaching program focused on your inner well-being, or at the least read books that will begin to enlarge your inner consciousness.

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