Are You in Need of a Makeover?

Kimberism: Makeovers start on the inside with a willingness to morph and grow. Women love makeovers. The proof is evident all over TV land. Women naturally radiate beauty until something causes us to stagger into survival mode. We all have seasons of pruning and seasons of blooming that cause us to morph into brighter shades of our true colors.

Although I am no stranger to major life transitions, I forgot the overhaul that big moves cause on ones psyche. Even though I know it takes two years to adjust to a major move, I hadn't recognized the extreme drought my soul was in until I was taken by surprise and lathered with affection. Suddenly a fresh volt of color surged through my need-for-makeover-soul, as I recognized that my summer brights had dulled to grey.

Memories of previous parched seasons came flooding in my mind, like my starved-for-attention widow years when I actually looked forward to my annual GYN appointment. Who knew twenty minutes of undivided attention from my chatty doctor could shift my view of an annual GYN visit! That tells you how parched my soul was, because no woman looks forward to her annual GYN appointment!

Sometimes it’s the little things that provide nurture to our souls as if sprinkled by a warm seasonal rain. Although the kindnesses that we show one another does our hearts good, I have found that in the inbetween moments we can find little ways to nurture ourselves.

Are you in a season of transition like many today? Are you waiting to morph into new business, new life, or new anything and in need of a little a make-over juice?

Here are my soul maker over tips~

  • Find refreshment from a higher source ( I personally call this source God)
  • Laugh at yourself when you don’t feel like it
  • Buy fresh flowers for yourself
  • Send yourself a love note in the mail expressing how valuable you are even if you currently feel under valued
  • Rent a funny movie that makes you laugh
  • Turn up the music and dance, dance, dance
  • Join a group of jazzy women
  • Take a homeless person a meal. You’ll feel like a million bucks
  • Give a single mom a gift
  • Create something new and fabulous in your business
  • Redefine what’s important to you
  • Make business relational and not about sales
  • Go to a farmer’s market
  • Have a picnic
  • Host a party with people you barely know
  • Dress up for no reason at all
  • Love yourself no matter what

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