Are You In Segments?

Kimberism: “Every area of our life is hardwired to every other area. It is impossible to perform a task in one sphere and not have it affect another." – Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative It amazes me that as women we often separate various parts of our lives as if we were segmenting an orange. We divide ourselves up, change one hat to another, rather than living from a continuous flow of being one whole.

I never recognized all the splintered parts of myself until I reflected back on the clothes that once hung in my closet in the 80's; a leather motorcycle jacket, a business suit, a Yuppie tennis skirt, a conservative tea-dress paired with pearls and black fishnet stockings. Who was this person amidst the mixed identities?

It took me a long time to weed through the mismatched personas that dangled like false appendages in my life. When I identified that I didn't have to be a suit to do business, or a hippy to care about hearts my mismatched interpretations about myself began to smooth out.

I recognized that my business could feel more like a family than a corporation. My Wardrobe could look more like an artist than a typical CEO. I could care more about the bigger issue than the bottom line. I could depend on something greater than myself, instead of an illusion of control.

It turns out that our vocation can be more fun than simply a segmented piece of our life called work. Instead of living from the segments, we can live beautifully from the blissful whole.

How are you integrating the segments of your life to match the overarching YOU? © Copyright 2011 Moxie Me Institute, BE U LLC. All Rights Reserved

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