Are You Leaning In?

Lean Into the Adventure 1As my husband and I plan to relocate back to Charlotte for his work, I’m reminded that change CAN be wonderful. It CAN be an adventure. It CAN be the start of something unexpected and it CAN be joyous, if we learn to lean into the bend instead of resist what comes. That's how I am choosing to experience this summer of change. It's called reframing. If you want to hear more about reframing, you can listen to this episode of A Little Bit Vibrant and A Little Bit Moxie Radio Show


I’ve had a hefty portion of moving and bending in my life, like I imagine many of you have. I remember the many times as a child I had to say goodbye to those I love to launch out to make new friends in a new city. Arriving in Boston for high school as a transplant from Atlanta, I quickly earned the nickname, Georgia Peach. Another move from Memphis to New York City taught me to navigate the cement and chain link playgrounds guarded by nuns who contemplated my Southern accent.


Oddly, moving was easier as a child, because children are generally open and willing to welcome you into their playground. However, as an adult, I'll be honest, when I've experience no reciprocal gesture, no welcome wagon or extended arm of friendship to join in the sandbox fun, I somehow still find hope always rises for a Pollyanna, and this Pollyanna is hopeful for the path ahead.

The Pros In Every Situation

  • Change can make us flexible and teach us to look for the good in every situation.
  • When faced with isolation, we can learn to lean into personal growth.
  • When faced with “You’re not welcome at our party,” we can learn to create our own.


Moving and change has its challenges, but when we remain open and willing to stick our neck out, try on new situations, groups, classes, churches and the like, we might discover wonderful surprises.  That’s what I'm counting on this time around, as I reconnect with old friends, uncover new adventures, and lean into the bend. 


The Keys of Reframing

During this transition I am implementing the coaching skill known as: Reframing. Here is how to reframe

  • Identify your current emotion and define that what you would rather experience instead. If angry, you might rather experience peace.
  • Recognize that there is always a decision to be made before change or action can occur.
  • To reframe means to actually place something in a new frame. Change your mind and change your thinking around a situation, experience, circumstance or perspective. Do a turn around in your thinking, what you believe and how you see.
  • Learn to release and surrender your old frame, story or reference point, so you can see and experience something new. It is a choice!


Our first new adventure just might be our poolside-short-term lease apartment reminiscent of my early twenties, enabling us time and access to look around the area for our permanent home with studio space where I can hold workshops. Here’s to a summer of new adventures.

What summer adventures will you be enjoying this summer?