Are You Living In the Yes Reality?

Kimberism: Why not go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is. Mark Twain  The word yes is a welcomer. It never stops creating. Yes, you can have friends. Yes, you can be loved. Yes, you can be treasured.

Yes, means knowing there are possibilities even when you are unaware of them. Yes, means believing when jobs are limited that there are opportunities out there for you.

When people maneuver behind your back, Yes means never giving up on the kind of love that values you. In seasons when you're alone, Yes means letting Divine love apprehend, unravel and infill you. Yes, means being a risk taker rather than a comfort seeker, letting the chaos in your life undo you and renew you.

Yes, is a land of plenty if you are willing to live in the present and not get snagged on the past! Yes, champions you into the new if you're unwilling to settle for the old. How are you saying, "yes" to life?

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