Are You Playing for the Right Team?







Kimberism: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” Bruce Schneider

I've settled many times into new cities with hopes of new opportunities and new friendships and faced the challenge of believing in what I couldn't see.  Once when it seemed I couldn't be more challenged I came into a direct collision with an artist of a spicy line of note cards who suggested I close my eyes and pick from her hand-held-spray of cards. When I glanced up at the message I had chosen it said, “Goddess of Vision: If you can see it, you can be it!”

That was a profound confirmation of what I already knew to be true and the encouragement I needed in that moment. However, I could have rejected it and chosen to bat against the home team. But because I understood that it was a conscious choice, I chose to come into alignment with the message my team leader (God) affirmed in my life. I chose to agree with His good intention toward me.

Sometimes it seems we are playing on opposing teams with ourselves! One part says, “Yes! I embrace that life giving message!” and another part says, “Who are you kidding? I confess there have been plenty of times when I've had to dig deep for hope, through widowhood and more. However, I am no fool. I know which team to cheer for!

Are you playing on the right team, or are you batting against yourself? Yes, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional! What you choose to do in difficult times is truly a choice. I bet that you want to hit for the home team too and receive inspiration from the Team Leader. In what ways do you see the Team Leader encouraging you to believe in the unseen? If you are in a difficult season, how are you lifting your vision to embrace new possibility?