Are You Wasting Time With Lesser Lovers?

Heaven 1Have you thought about what you want in the New Year? I’m not talking about the often-typical coach verbiage of outer goals and action plans, bigger businesses and greater bottom lines. I’m talking about the deeper things that are felt and experienced with the heart, such as: excitement, gratitude, appreciation, being in the present, heightened awareness of the senses, anticipation, hope, inspiration, love, and peace to name a few. 

Should you be moving forward with an action plan consider the things that often get second notice. Yet, when these attributes are ignited, they spark everything around them into a greater flame. When they are absent blindness sets in to the wealth that exists in unexpected places. 

If it’s been a while since you looked up from your desk, or pile of laundry and you’ve forgotten what excitement, or gratitude feels like, watch a child and you’ll quickly witness excitement over simple things. You’ll see love and appreciation for having the most beautiful mommy on the planet, gratitude when an adult sits to read awhile, anticipation for what’s coming and the ability to be fully engaged in the moments play. 

This kind of presence means halting the busy work that’s an easy distractor and exit ramp named ‘avoidance.’ It means getting beyond the superfluous clutter and noise, and the striving after lesser lovers to hone in on the greater thing.

I confess I’m a girl that has always had a need for speed and the feeling of the wind in my hair, but I never want to confuse these lesser lovers for the real thing.

This week, next week and in the New Year lets determine what matters most. Reignite excitement for the simple beauty all around that may have grown dim. Focus on the sheer joy and inspiration of living in the present, breathing in each moment.

Here’s my Be Here Now Manifesto. You may want to write your own.


Be Here Now Manifesto

Spend time with family savoring each one-of-a-kind presence, etched faces, and curvy smiles.

Linger over delicious meals, surrounded by robust laughter and engaging conversation with those I love.

Steal away to a glorious beach hideaway to dip my toes in the sand and notate the poetry that stirs on my lips.

Enjoy porch sitting, summertime-ice tea, breezes and screen doors.

Live fully in the divine intoxication of love.

Curl up in a cozy corner to linger over wisdom writers.

Bundle up for wintery moonlight walks.

Breathe in ordinary days dusted with creative splurges and impulses a glow.

Unplug from technology and spend time learning more about my lover, as if we’ve met for the first time.

Leave behind dime store trinkets, cotton candy grabs at empty pursuits that blind & handcuff.

Unlearn more of what I think I know.

Live in childlike exploration and wonder. 

Let go of offenses, judgments, incongruences and preoccupations that keep me living below my true self.

Embrace my identity: fully loved by God.

Remain open to what’s divinely initiated, sip grace and lavishly embrace life with gratitude.