Are You Wired?

Kimberism: "Know what drives your beat, so you can stay in sync." Kimber

Can I tell it to you straight? Sometimes I am a reactor! When I am taken by surprise by pesky details rather than calmly and rationally breaking down each component of a situation, I generally react and immediately want to move toward action. Unlike my husband who processes the world through a calm reflective perspective, I process and move quickly! Just take an evening stroll with me and I am usually half way down the block, while the rest of the pack is paces behind. I can’t help it I am wired to take quick action. It pains me to doddle! That is because my top strength is being an activator.

Although we tend to side with those who think as we do, there is a definitive need for multiple types of processors and personalities. The important factor lies in understanding and maximizing our own particular type and then teaming up with those who possess the strengths we lack.

In life there is a great need for quick action, and the large, big picture view. Just imagine if you were in the biggest slump of your life, wouldn’t you want someone who could help you paint an alternative view, beyond what you could perceive at the time?

On the other hand we need those who can zoom in on life and the business detail stuff and not flip their lid! Let me just say, "I don’t like details!" Although I am extremely focused and like order, its the mundane details that stress me out.

I feel the need to confess this as if in a twelve step program! “Hi, my name is Kimber Britner and I’m fast action, big picture thinker and I don’t like details!” Because I know this about myself, I have put into place an ever growing team that supports me in the detail stuff, so I can do what I do best; think big, create, innovate, inspire, champion, and activate others.

I understand that there are many women who have great gifting and ideas, but lack the "know how" to bring them out of hiding. I have been creating curriculum that activates since my kids were in kindergarten. I have figured out how to activate women too.

I have put my strengths to good use creating programs that help women live into the big picture, while strategically nailing down the “must-do” work as small business owners. This is helping women come out of hiding, earn the bucks as entrepreneurs, and bring their gifts in service to others.

How are you wired? Do you like to move fast, or slow? Do you like to create, or manage the details? Do you wish you had more time to be innovative instead of putting out fires, or juggling the details?

First Define, Then Align!

Two great tools I use with clients are: The Strength Finders Assessment (Find in your local book store or on Amazon) and the best personality assessment I have ever taken out of the bunch, The Path Element Profile, Personality Assessment (contact me I can hook you up).

Know how you are wired, what your strengths are and then maximize them. Don’t spend your time counter intuitively by trying to correct the way you’re wired. Do what comes naturally to you and let others focus on their strengths. Invest in defining, and aligning your strengths in 2011. We invite you to join one of our savvy programs and come on board with us at Moxie Me! We’d love to support you in your vision and goals.

Look into our programs beginning in January for female, small business owners, and entrepreneur wannabes who recognize their need for help and are highly motivated to make this the year of unleashing their business smarts!

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