Coaching for Endurance

Kimberism: "All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem." Martin Luther King Jr.


Coaches are often thought to help people set goals and accomplish a plan. Although there are aspects of coaching that can be useful in this manner, I have found that many people are in a place where they need to be coached around accepting themselves beyond their external accomplishments.

It has been said that we have built a society that is inherently structured to applaud externals such as education, wealth, power and celebrity. The clincher is that all of those things are destined to perish. In a day when more and more people are being stripped of external merit through layoffs and unemployment, it is paramount to uncover ones internal value. Imagine if society was structured in a way that placed value on that which was enduring.

We each possess weighty and enduring values that cannot be measured based on trinkets, or a bank account. If you find you are merely measuring or reducing your life to outward accomplishments, try pulling back to see the larger scheme of things. Why not take a step up and try evaluating your enduring qualities.

Make a list of all the core qualities you possess that will not fade, or tarnish with time, qualities that no one can take from you. Keep this list posted somewhere where you will see it. Reflect often on your inner value, rather than externals.

As you begin the New Year with goals and agendas in mind, spend equal time determining how you want to enrich the inner wealth you possess. 

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