Covered In Armor

ID-100159496Unchanging stance, feet sure and armor high describes “vulnerability armor.”  Brene’ Brown writes about this armor in her book, Daring Greatly, as something we use to shield ourselves from feeling vulnerable and exposed.

She goes on to describes what many of us have felt when we’ve vulnerably stepped out from our own armor and someone else’s protective covering turned into a weapon of “cruelty,” “cool” or “criticism” used to keep “vulnerability at a distance” and injure us for making them uncomfortable.

Brown says, “If we are the kind of people who “don’t do vulnerability,” there’s nothing that makes us feel more threatened and more incited to attack and shame people than to see someone daring greatly. Someone else’s daring provides an uncomfortable mirror that reflects back our own fears about showing up, creating, and letting ourselves be seen.”

I used to be a black and white thinker protected behind my armor. I used to be certain about everything I believed and thought. I guess you could say I was certain to be judgmental and opinionated!

Over the last few years, the way I think and see expands regularly. I am constantly confounded, glimpsing a more expansive reality than I ever imagined. My opinions (I still have them) are held loosely. My judgments are more often passed on to the man upstairs to handle. I have definitive values, beliefs and practices, but I choose to see them enlarge, rather than remain stagnant, closed off, or brittle like an old wineskin.Photo: freedigitalphotos 

I am comfortable with the fact that my perceptions and opinions may change from day to day. I am comfortable with the fact that I have previously written things I no longer agree with, or at least would communicate differently. I no longer need to live in an “either”, “or”, “good guy”, “bad guy” reality. I happily live in a more inclusive world of “and.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to reduce life to my ability to comprehend it. In the grand scheme of things, it’s clear there’s little any of us fully comprehends. I find it liberating to let go of the armor and the misperceived weight on my shoulders, thinking I need to be managing, fixing or micro-managing the world. This lighter perspective keeps me open and growing in new ways. It keeps me out of dogma and rhetoric and in childlike, wide-eyed wonder and discovery. It keeps me living in the present willing to reveal my imperfections. 

With this frame of reference I clue into my intuition faster. When rhetoric and pontification begin to spout, my awareness quickly signals. I understand that I have a choice to engage in an inflexible argument or reserve energy for those open and desiring true relationship and authenticity.

What about you? Do you hide behind your dogma-armor? Do you find yourself staying open to discussion, discovery and valuing relationship above all, or are you entrenched and hell bent on winning the game point?

If you want to move into the world of expansive possibility and opportunity, choose to come out from behind your armor. Practice vulnerably. Experience life through the eyes and heart of a child. A good place to start is by reading Untamed Heart, Releasing Your Creative Genius. Order here now![product id="2047" sku=""]