Creation Isn't a One Time Gig

As a young actress and singer in Hollywood during the 80’s I zoomed in on a future that many young actors and singers envision for themselves. However, my lens couldn’t detect unscrupulous managers, seedy venues, and an industry fluid with tortured souls like in the renegade rock band, The Runaways.

The Runaways were led to stardom by famed producer Kim Fowley who also had his hand on the band I sang in, named, Money Jungle. My stint with Money Jungle was short lived, as I left the industry to marry, raise a family and recreate my life.

My vision for coaching creative women along their own journey was forged through navigating my own life experiences. My strategies for successful living have come through authentically tested experience, defining and creating the life I desired, every step of the way, time and time again.

How can you look at your experiences as open handed teachers that freely provided you with an opportunity to define the world you choose? Are you itching to create something new in your life that expands your lens into a wider angle of possibilities? How will you begin the work of creation in your life today?

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