DAY 11-Hope, 30 Days of Creative Expression


Today's SPIRIT@WORK ® Card is: HOPE. Langston Hughes wrote, 

“Hold fast to dreams
 for if dreams die
 life is a broken-winged bird
 that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams 
for when dreams go 
life is a barren field
 frozen with snow.”

Without HOPE we fail to dream and without dreams we fail to have inspiration. Where HOPE is lost darkness ensues.

I have known plenty of dark seasons in my life, as I am sure you have too. Without HOPE I would never have seen the daylight after the death of my first husband. Without HOPE I would not have moved forward to mother my four children and experience the sunshine of HOPE rise in my heart.

I believe HOPE is accompanied by faith and faith is accompanied by trust. Because I am convinced that there is a Supreme Being that loves me, I have faith in that love. That faith allows me to trust and HOPE that the sun will rise on whatever my circumstances may be presently. When I am struggling to maintain HOPE, I recall the many love wonders that have transpired in my life and I can't help but feel a shift in my countenance.

HOPE is a value we must nurture.

Lance Secretan wrote concerning the HOPE SPIRIT@WORK ® Card,

“We all have two kinds of energy: our light and shadow. Though the shadow often appears as darkness, it is always within our power to shine the brilliance of our light there. Indeed we must always do so, because even the deepest darkness will give way to light. By shining our light, we can find our way and thereby inspire others. In this way, we provide hope.”

How do you nurture your HOPE?

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