Day 11 The Grand Reversal


Day 11 Things we hold on to

The sales clerk announced that the over priced organic tomatoes that I snapped up (majorly on sale) were actually on the house. The register rang them up at the regular price, so the sales clerk said the store was covering the tab for any inconvenience this might have caused me.


What? Someone actually wants to step in, take responsibility and shoulder the offense? That never happens! Although this was hardly an offense or inconvenience, what if she could take some of the rotten tomatoes thrown in my face, the real painful doozies and eradicate them too?


This experience got me thinking. I had already seen some very significant reversals in this shiny New Year and even leading up to 2015. And I believe there are going to be a lot more reversals of things that have been miscalculated, wrongly charged and even stolen from our lives. Things are being recovered in 2015 and I am already witnessing grand reversals at rapid speed.


I am also noticing the need to set my heart to receive them. After one such reversal, I found myself excited about the change, but also grieving over the pain of what I had lost. Acknowledged my very human feelings of grief, I then choose to shake off the old pain and disappointment and catch up to speed with the new gift I was receiving, recognizing that the only things that have the power to hold me, are the things I hold on to.


Letting go of the injustice of the past and choosing to move forward in forgiveness is key to being able to receive the new. Gratitude is the means to accept and receive all circumstances. Every good and perfect gift is from above, so with open hands and a heart of gratitude just imagine what we can receive. Who would want to hang onto the old when presented with the new?


Get a glimpse of the breathtaking reversals showing up and the grand reversal that has already taken place to right things on our behalf. This righting of wrongs (yours and mine) has been displayed with fervor and generosity. Our slates are wiped clean and all we have to do is receive.


The new highlight reel that is being run in each our lives serves as a glorious reminder and demonstration of the off the chart generosity that never stops giving, never stops loving or moving on our behalf. God is into recalibrating, reconciling and dandy reversals. If your like me, it may take a moment to adjust to the new, but having set my heart forward, I am wowed by this constant gift of grace that is beyond imagining.