Day 12-Bliss, 30 Days of Creative Expression

BlissToday I picked the BLISS SPIRIT@WORK ® Card.

Lance Secretan wrote concerning the BLISS Card,

“We are on this planet for a short time-this gift is in itself an inspiration. We are here to realize our bliss: to live out our dreams, to serve, to savor the possibilities of our full potential. “ 

I know when I have wondered away from my heart the sense of BLISS is absent. Although not every moment in life is BLISS filled, we can choose to live from a place of gratitude and find our experience overrun with BLISS, if not externally, internally.

BLISS, like the other principals in the collection is not contingent on our external circumstances, but our inner perspective and state of being.

Nelson Mandela is a prime example of this. Although we can be tried by many situations that challenge our BLISS, what better sweetness could waft from our lives than BLISS?

Gratitude and BLISS make lovely companions. Think on what you are grateful for in this moment and notice your BLISS ratio soar!

 Savor the BLISS! As my gift of gratitude for you, I invite you to download my free gift and fun energy boost, 100 Keys to Cease Striving and Enter Into Irresistible Bliss at