Day 13, Freedom, 30 Days of Creative Expression

FreedomToday I chose the FREEDOM Spirit@Work® Card by Lance Secretan fitting perfectly with the fact that this morning I awoke with the most glorious sense of being alive.

Often we chase down the notion of freedom as an outside force that might come tomorrow, or next week, or next month. We think if we get more freedom to do what we want, make our own choices, get free from the constants, the strains and demands of life, the atrocities, the injustices and the pain surrounding us, we’d suddenly be free. Yet, we’ve all experienced the “getting” of something or another and that is not what made us free.

But what if instead of reducing freedom to an ideal out there somewhere, we experienced it in our being right now? What if freedom wasn’t about removing the bars that constrain us, or swallowing the happy pill and being elevated to nirvana, what if freedom was already ours and we’ve overlooked it?

What if freedom is waking up and knowing that you have the same 24 hours as everyone else and that you get to breathe it in and carry this breathing-life with you throughout your day? What if you’re at the zoo, or at work, or in prison, or in the hospital holding a loved ones hand for the last moments and you savor every bit of the joy and pain, recognizing that you have the freedom to experience it within your beating, feeling heart? You are alive!

I don’t mean to say that there aren’t injustices that need to be righted, excruciating atrocities that need to be ended, and personal pain aching to be healed, but what if in this moment you couldn’t change the world, but you could hear the birds twill, you could feel your own pulse and you could know that nothing was keeping you from being as free as you choose to be right now.

Your circumstances might be hindering you. You’re bank account might not give you permission to do what ever you want, but you and I can recognize the God-breath that makes us free and we can sink in and savor every last drop of sweetness or pain that we feel. 

Today I choose to recognize this freedom as I feel the gift of my beating heart. Will you join me?