Day 13 Love Has a Target


Love has a target and you are it! That’s the message I heard yesterday, as I was once again reminded of the out of the world love of the Trinity.

Do you ever get caught up in the illusion of separation, as if you were stranded and alone?


Read the words to the 1996 Susan Ashton song below, Send a Message, which describes God's apprehending love that bridged the gap, bringing us smack dab inside love, where there is no separation. 


Everyone, every once in awhile

Feels lost and alone sometime

But you don't have to worry

Baby I'll be by your side

Just send a message if there's trouble here

I could be oceans away

I'll go the distance baby don't you fear

I would sail a sea of lonesome to an island of despair

I would search the streets of heartache 'cause no other love compares

If you're stranded and alone out on the edges of the earth

I'd go anywhere for love now darlin',

I know what its worth baby

Maybe, like me, there are days when you need to be reminded of these words, because you're unaware of love’s pursuit of you, or days when your struggle challenges your belief, because all that’s presenting itself around you blurs reality.


Maybe there are days when you feel small and forgotten, as if missing from anyone’s lens. Maybe you are working so hard to deserve to be loved, to earn some illusive ranking, when there is actually nothing you or I could ever do, or not do to make us any more or less loved.


Love has a target and it’s always been you and me. We’ve always been the center of God’s affection and the aim for love’s generous grace and kindness. Don’t fall for the illusion of separation. We’ve been brought right into the middle of love.