Day 14 What If You Were Complete


How would you live differently if you believed you were enough right now? How would you live if you lived into questions and mystery, allowing yourself a generous amount of latitude?


I lived a good many years thinking I needed to do more, and I needed to be more, until I began to believe, merely chose to alter my lens and believe that I was perfectly complete in God’s eyes now. This does not mean I am perfect, but rather that I house perfection. This doesn't mean that I am stagnant, but still alive and growing.


This means that I don’t have to work so hard to be acceptable, or arrive at some new level, because the One who is beyond measurement has already arrived and dwells in me. What a radical shift to breathe in the ease of grace and rest that was given without effort on my part to acquire it. In fact, what I’ve worked and strived to obtain has actually hindered my ability to receive whats been freely given.


Who wouldn’t wake up excited to spend another day being fully loved and accepted right where they are? Who wouldn’t want to be loved like that ? I get to spend another day being loved and soaking up this crazy, generous free gift of life!