Day 15, Silence, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 15My SPIRIT@WORK® Card today is: Silence. Silence like water is something our souls crave and need to stay refreshed. It’s easy to overlook this needed balm, as it is to overlook regular intake of water, but in a short time we will quickly feel the effects of their absence.

When I forget my regular water intake, I not only feel parched and tired, but suddenly I find dry patches of skin on my body, tale-tale signs of dehydration. The same is true when I invite busyness inside my doors, chasing after madness, I soon feel whiney, overwhelmed, confused and in need of a nap the size of a winter’s hibernation.  

Don’t get me wrong, I am social and love interaction with people, but I also need, the soothing breeze of silence in the midst of hot-summertime noise to revive my senses and rejuvenate my soul.

If we really listened deep within ourselves I imagine we would hear our thirsty soul’s voracious howling for silence and stillness.

How well do you accommodate your thirst for silence?