Day 16, Encouragement, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Bandaid girlTo accompany the Encouragement SPIRIT@WORK® Card I drew today, Lance Secretan wrote,

“We are all yearning for more love in our lives-not more fear. It is the deepest yearning in our hearts. If we replace negative ways with encouragement, compassion, trust, patience, empathy, and love, we will inspire others and thus release their untapped potential.”

Like the girl in the art journaling piece I did today with this post, many of us have skinned knees, hidden wounds and bandaged hearts. We all could use a dose of regular encouragement on our journey.

At the start of this New Year some people are recognizing the need for a new diet, because the results of what they’ve been feeding on is leaving them unsatisfied. Sometimes we have to look beyond our normal “go-to” for encouragement. Sometimes we can’t find encouragement from our friends, family, neighbors or leaders, because we need to learn to feed ourselves on that which builds up and encourages from the inside out.

The greatest source of encouragement we will ever find is from our biggest fan, the One who created us.

Take time daily to draw on divine encouragement. Take time to get the inside scoop! How do you encourage yourself and feed on that which sustains you?