Day 19, Self-Esteem, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Self EsteemToday I drew Self-Esteem from the SPIRIT@WORK® Cards.

 Lance Secretan wrote about Self-Esteem,

“Traditionally, we have attempted to change our personal circumstances by changing our environment-changing what is on the outside, instead of what is within. We attempt to reinforce our self-esteem, which is an inner dimension, by spoiling ourselves with a new suit or a new hairdo, which are external dimensions. In the same way, we hope for a change in our organization through external engagement instead of changing within. Personal evolution must precede corporate evolution.”

I so fully agree with Mr. Secretan’s sentiment that I could stand up and cheer!

Being that self-Esteem is an inside job, I believe the self-esteem that most people seek comes from awareness of the God-blueprint-DNA resident in each of us. When we come to recognize what we’re innately packing we come into an enduring self-esteem that isn’t blown with the wind of our current title, weight, love status, or bank account.

Have you settled the self-esteem question in your life?