Day 21, Faith, 30 Days of Creative Expression

StairsLance Secretan wrote about the Faith SPIRIT@WORK® Card that I drew today,

“Faith is the capacity to achieve and enjoy a sense of inner peace based on a connection with the Divine that transcends the universe. Faith is one way to reconnect business with the soul, because it helps us to become more conscious to become one with the universe.”

I’ve noticed that most of us try to do life on our own. We embrace the illusion that we are fully capable of controlling life in our own strength that is until we hit upon a life gift that helps us realize this myth.

My own personal gift came through an out of control eating disorder that I couldn’t manage no matter how many O.A meetings I attended or shrink appointments I made. When it all came crashing down I was attending three O.A meetings a day, and three shrink appointments a week. 

It wasn’t hard for me to recognize that I was out of control and that I needed supernatural help! Faith is what led me to a mysterious healing in my twenties from eating loaves of bread, boxes of cereal, and sticks of butter until I passed out.

Faith is the swinging trapeze that connects me to supernatural and divine power that lifts me up to make the big leaps and flips life serves up. Faith connects me to the bigger scheme of things when like a dog on a bone; I refuse to let go of a momentary and fleeting enticement. The sad truth is, sometimes I still think, “I’ve got this” until I realize I don’t! Faith is a two-way relationship and when I truly realize whose running the show I do myself a huge favor and get in step by offering up my trust in exchange for supernatural endowment.

Faith: I don’t leave home without it!  How do you practice the principle of Faith in your own life?