Day 21 The Moxie 10


Recently after witnessing the profound contrasts of law and grace; fear and love; authenticity and posturing; as if set up for my viewing pleasure, I wrote the following in my journal.


“Kimber, remember to live like Taylor Swift, “Shake it off!”

Swing hard over into grace. It's yours for the keeping!


  • Don't settle for being squeezed into lack of allowance ever again!


  • Give yourself a wide berth, big open space, more than ever before.


  • Stop looking over your shoulder, because "Haters gonna hate" and shoulders gonna should!


  • Stay in self-permission. Ingest the deliciousness of love and freedom. Don't allow anyone to suck you into the fear zone!" 


Out of that journal page came, The Moxie 10 (the better reality reminder!)


The Moxie 10!

  1. Authenticity valued, self-permission given
  2. Grace led, liberty satisfied
  3. Life celebrator, energy generator
  4. Possibility thinker, vision realizer
  5. Hope carrier, atmosphere shaper
  6. Love ingester, love releaser
  7. Child-like wonder, awe inspirer
  8. Wide berth giver, grace liver
  9. Rest partaker, peace maintainer
  10. Joy container, reservoir sustainer


How are you keeping yourself in the love ingesting, joy sustaining zone?