Day 22, Grace, 30 Days of Creative Expression

GraceLance Secretan wrote about the Grace SPIRIT@WORK® Card,

“Grace is contagious. We love people with grace and are drawn to their company. A little white-haired, elderly lady once approached Mark Twain after an evening lecture to tell him how much she had enjoyed his talk. “I want to thank you personally,” she explained, “because you said you loved old ladies.” Mark Twain smiled at her and then replied, 'I do love old ladies and I also like them your age." The grace of Mark Twain endeared him to millions."

When I think of Grace I think of the many times I’ve offended someone and was met with a sincere serving of Grace that over looked my shortsightedness and transgression. Not because I deserved it, but because of the true benevolence of the giver. The hands stretched wide-open in the image above depict the sense of grace-spaciousness to me.

Grace is like a cool glass of ice tea on a hot summer day. It soothes away the strain of trying to measure up when we really never will. Grace is the cup of sweetness we can offer one another by putting our ‘front and center’ concerns away for the moment to extend a bit of generosity. The thing about grace is: the more you’ve received it the more you want to give it.

How are you at exercising grace?

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