Day 22 If You Could Tell Your Younger Self One Thing

Day 22Girlsigned

If your older self could write a letter to the younger you, what would you say? I’ve asked clients, workshop participants and myself this same question many times.


The biggest thing I would have wanted my younger self to grasp was the permission to live to the depths and heights of the freedom availed her and to be saturated in her fully acceptance and loved identity. I would have wanted her to stop looking over her shoulder wincing at the prickly pears and to dance and sing at the top of her lungs.


Nothing Cheap About It Grace

Oh how your grace, your done-deal promise, this love supreme sends my heart racing.

You really did it! Squashed the accuser finger pointer, you set the guilty free.


Ridiculous goodness can't be reeled in floating out admits the borderless sea.

Whose gonna chase down their specks to hone in on that tiny gnat, floating away, that sin you abolished and love decayed.


Oh the goodness of the goodness giver, toasting to life, celebrating the gift. 

Lift your head all you blind forgetters, drink in the spritz from the ransomed love winner.

Rest your head in your pretty little bed, come home to love's sin eraser. Come home to that nothing cheap about it, grace.


What would you have wanted to say to your younger self?