Day 24, Humility, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 23 Humility 1Lance Secretan wrote concerning the Humility SPIRIT@WORK® Card,

“Humility is a sense of proportion and reverence for all of life-not just one’s own. Humility is an expression of our awareness of others and of our respect and love for them.”

When I think of humility I quickly think of my grandfather. There has not been a visit home when someone in town hasn’t stopped me to comment on the revered qualities, such as humility, that my late granddad possessed.

Over the years I never heard him talk about himself, because he was always focused on the betterment of his family, community, state and country at large. I've met few people in my lifetime with that kind of demeanor.

Humility is not only an awareness and respect for others, as to hold others in high regard, but while holding others in high regard, should we not also hold the One who made each of us in high regard?We all know when we are in the presence of someone with true humility for they seek nothing to elevate themselves, but are only concerned with the welfare of others. Yet, true humility is not the same as co-dependent servitude intended to gain attention. Humility is self-less.

Although humility can’t be legislated, it can be nurtured through a grateful heart. We can choose daily to recognize all that we have to be grateful for and in so doing foster a humble and contrite spirit.

How have you been blessed by another's humility?