Day 24 It's Time For Corrective Lenses

Day 24 Measuring Up

Recently I got a pair of prescription glass. This is the first pair of prescription specks I’ve ever worn. Like learning to ride a bike I’ve encountered a brand new learning curve that's requiring practice.


It seems odd that I would put on lenses intended to improve my sight and initially be unable to see! Imagine the many things we might be unable to see, things right in front of us, because of our depth of perception and lack of correct focus? But what if it only required a slight change in focus to open up a world of sight?


I love learning and unlearning new things. I love seeing things with brand new perspective that may not have previously been on my grid. I try to look at obstacles that appear blurry and unclear as opportunities for expansion in sight and insight.


The greatest sight adjustment I can think of comes through the lens of grace. The idea that there is nothing I can do, or need to do to receive an outrageously ludicrous exchange rate. What one of us in this tit for tat world doesn’t struggle with the ridiculousness of this kind of generosity?


Imagine how much we thwart grace in our efforts to justify and merit the gift. Imagine how we limit ourselves when our sight remains unalterable through our blurred lens of perception, while striving to apprehend with our dead works what is totally free.


It’s time for a pair of corrective lenses. It's time to fully receive this gift of grace.