Day 27, Vision, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 27 VisionLance Secretan wrote concerning the Vision SPIRIT@WORK® Card that I drew today,

“Great leaders develop a vision so compelling that it becomes a magnet for passion-a cause. They do not develop cookie-cutter or connect-the-dots approaches to leadership. They combine visceral energy with a clear and focused vision, founded on strong spiritual beliefs and values. This combination radiates a light so bright that followers find it irresistible-it becomes a cause.”

I am a visionary. I’m a big picture thinker. It's not hard to recognize this when you see my lack of strength in the area of detail. I’m so wired in this capacity that sometimes I find it hard to direct all the vision I have. One key I've discovered to help in this matter is to understand that all vision is not created equal.Some vision trumps another. Wherever we set our sight we tend to be drawn in that direction. Wherever our heart is it’s said that’s where our treasure is also, but we need to examine if our vision is the worthiest of visions at any given time.

It’s easy to run here and there after many a vision, but there are seasons when a vision needs to develop, mature, grow in clarity and even prove its worthiness. Not many of us like the down times when we are forced to winter over so our roots grow strong and sure, but this process is necessary for our development as individuals and for the development of a vision.

I would rather allow this process to do its work in the vision and me than run off half-cocked into a venture that eventually shows the cracks of unpreparedness, instability and immaturity. During the time of preparation it could be said that it is important to hold the course, and “steady on” until new development, clarity and growth are established. After all if you're like me, you don’t want just any old vision.

I want a vision that is transformational not only through the process of development, but also through the season of unveiling and executing. Therefore, it is necessary to watch over a vision and nurture it in whatever stage it is in.

Walter Lanyon wrote in The Temple Not Made With Hands, "And , since you cannot perform this process yourself, are you're willing and ready to come under the deep secret laws of "letting" the gestation take place in the silence of your heart? Behind the eggshell which appears to be limitation, within the cramped cocoon which swings through the winter gale on the branch of a tree, a new birth is taking place."

How well do you allow the necessary process for a vision to develop?