Day 3 Wonder-30 Days of Creative Expression

photo-6The word for today from Lance Secretan's Spirit@Work Cards that I did my art journaling around is: ®Wonder. You can play along by getting the App on your iphone too, drawing a value card each day, or following along with the card I've drawn.

I love the word wonder. It makes me want to cartwheel through tall grass and throw up my skirt and wade out into the deep blue sea. It calls me to look again at what I have missed right before my eyes, a thousand times. It beckons me to become awe struck, gazing at every tiny particle of beauty, joy, love and life surrounding me.

I often need to be reminded to get out of my head and return to the childlike place of wonder. When I have neglected my heart for too long, there are tale-tale signs. If I have wondered off the golden streets for the counterfeit of reasoning and practicality, I most certainly have forgotten the spirit being that I am.

If I have chosen to build something and put off living until the "time is right," I’ve most certainly abdicated my true self and with it my sense of wonder. I must put everything down and with everything in me recall what I knew before I forgot it. I must run to the nearest reprieve, the nearest safe-gap to recall and play. I must reawaken my sense of wonder.

Lance Secretan wrote with the Wonder card, 

"A cynic cannot imagine an alternative possibility that contradicts his or her current beliefs. Cynics will say that reawakening spirit and values in the workplace is too difficult in modern organizations that are faced with the pressures of contemporary markets. If we continue to use the concepts of the old story organizations instead of changing the paradigm, the cynics will be right. For cynicism is simply creativity that is repressed. If on the other hand we approach all this with a sense of awe and wonder, we will be able to change the paradigm, and therefore the possibilities. None of us knows enough to be cynical."

Have you grown weary? Have you sacrificed wonderment for your grown-up world? Won’t you join me in the awe pondering; the wonderment awakening and the creative play here? Let me hear your thoughts about wonder and see your musings. Don't put it off a minute longer. Come out and play!