Day 30 Transition Is the Natural Pattern of Creation



Wow, here we are at Day 30! As a artist-life coach, I recognize the vivid correlation and creative tension between seasons that demonstrate life’s constant cycle of transition. Seasons allow for metamorphosis, design and recreating of our world. Understanding seasons is to understand a way of seeing, or sight into new realms. Seasons illustrate consistent change.


Continual transitions in life can take place from an inner spiritual reality before the move into an outer expression, but more often intermingles between both the spiritual and practical. Yet how often we try to divide life up into outer verses inner, sacred verses secular, practical verses ethereal when there seem to always be two paths intertwining and coursing through our lives. These are the paths of the sensual world of image, color, texture, movement and sound and the mystical path that lead us beyond words into a world we grasp to understand.


During times of change and transition it often feels to be counter-cultural as we mystically recognize the need to incubate, allowing our roots to sink down into the soil as our seeds winter over. The problem comes when we are pushed by driving counterfeit rhythms to keep up and so we resist the natural cycle life takes by forcing productivity and definition of that which is not ready to be defined.

A seed won’t bear fruit before its time and isn’t even distinguishable from another seed while under ground, yet it is still in the greatest process of growth amidst hiddenness. It is from the place of reconciling with our season that we align ourselves with the creation process.


J. Phillip Newell wrote in The Book of Creation, “Creativity without rest, and productivity without renewal, leads to an exhaustion of our inner resources.”


We are all artist invited to dance and create with the natural rhythms of life as in the hours of growth hidden in the womb before birth. How well do we nourish our creative and mystical selves through the spaciousness of unforced rhythms? How well do we allow for “being” rather than “doing”, for sitting in the darkness of the womb seasons so that we may learn a new way of seeing necessary to thrive?


It is from this cycle we learn to delight in discovery, rest in unknowing, and are released to be recreated in the shadows that ultimately give way to the light of possibility. This is where we learn to live and breathe in every breath allowed us, fully embracing the moment.


Art has always been a way of seeing, a place of rest and exhilarating action, while discovering answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. Art is the process of acceptance and allowance of any given season. While marinating on the full reality of love in the present, I am nurtured and guided into the wild of who I truly am.


Again, the wonderful 30 Days of Creative Expression this year have brought about new discovery and awareness, inviting me to dive in further into the joy of being me.

Define self through eyes of artist 6 

This time has left me unencumbered from “working to better something” and again free to dive into the question of what does it look like to live from the overflow of being, rather doing?


This theme began in 2012 when with a strong sense that I was to spend the year creating art and art only.


The word I got for that year of transition was "Hopeliciousness." Now I move forward on the wings of that hope into 2015 with the word, "Believe." I move forward creating with more joy and a deeper reality of a love overflow. The natural expression of this for me is releasing art from "being." Art is like a song that can't help but declare and can't help but be released. I'd love for you to follow along for the journey and share your take aways too!