Day 4 More Than I Can Think or Ask Kind of Stuff



Today I am art journaling around celebrating twelve years of marriage to my brainy, hunky, stabilizing, loving husband, Mark. How did we get here?


I was married to Bill, my first husband a little shy of twelve years, before we lost him to cancer and then I navigated seven years of being a singe mom before Mark entered my world. Then Mark and I married, started the adventure of our lives happily raising my brood of four kids. His two were already mostly grown.


Lately I’ve been thinking about the “never could have imagined” and “more than I could ask or think” graced things in my life, things like the two amazing men I’ve married that were ushered into my life at the right time apart from anything I did.


I’ve been thinking about other graced things like the time I mysteriously blurted out, “I want that cute yellow house” on Mina Court, when it wasn’t on the market, not even realizing I had had a dream about that exact area pinpointed on a map. Not to mention that God had been speaking to me about the Mina (currency) of treasure I needed to steward in my life. Oddly, we weren’t even house shopping at the time, but when it was time to buy a home, mysteriously the Mina house was on the market and the one we bought!


I’ve been thinking about the enduring friendships in my life, the ones where we continue to show up present and alive to each other, organically and love inspired, enjoying the gift of friendship.


The greatest things in my life have always been the “more than I could think or ask things,” rather than the many things I can conceive and make happen in my own strength. The later things are weak in comparison to the miraculous beauty of the things I’ve been freely gifted, be it large or small. These are the gifts that surprise my heart, because they are too wild and too good to have received in any manner other than the overflow of a benevolent generous giver.


I am excited this year, because I sense that this is a year of “never could have imagined" and “more than I could think or ask.” I’m excited about this season of promise where I feel a little like a well nurtured and adored bottle of wine that’s been growing in full body flavor and seasoned attributes deposited within that make it rare and tasty.


This is the year to pop the cork and experience the effervescence spilling out its goodness all around. This is the year to swim in the intoxication of more that we can imagine love. Hello 2015!