Day 5 Integration 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 5 #2 watermarkToday my illustration around the word Integration is somewhat tongue and cheek. Sometimes it would seem we stand on our head in an effort to shake loose all that is in there. In truth all we need do is let go and live an integrated life. 

There have been many a notion that has separated us from ourselves, from each other, often trying to explain away life, sacredness and every other facet of the human experience. When we are not living in a state of integration we quickly find our worlds compartmentalized and our hearts feeling betrayed in the process. Bringing every part of us into our work as well as out play is the means to a wholehearted and authentic life.

Lance Secretan wrote in the Integration SPIRIT@WORK ® Card,

“We hear much about the need to achieve greater balance in our lives. But it isn’t balance we need. The very notion of balance infers that there are two solitudes to choose from-work and life. What we are yearning for today is not balance between work and life, but a complete seamlessness of the two-not balance, but integration.”

What does the word Integration mean to you in this season of your life. Can you see the need to be integrated in all aspects of your life?