Day 8-Joy, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 8The New Year has begun with a surge of JOY as if I am standing out in a wide-open space where I’ve always belonged. I credit much of this to my ever-increasing awareness of the unchangeable reality and JOY producing fact that right or wrong, weak or strong, achieving or receiving, I am fully loved. Not much has changed in my circumstances, but my well of being is broadening.

Lance Secretan wrote about the JOY SPIRIT@WORK® Card,

“When our work becomes art, we will create grace, experience joy, and invigorate our souls with freedom and fulfillment.”

Who wouldn’t want more of that?

Some connect JOY with circumstantial happiness. Yet JOY is a lifestyle, not merely a response to life. JOY comes from the inside out, from a place of being, rather than from outside circumstances in.

How does JOY or the lack of it reveal where you are currently, and how you are living from a JOY place of being, rather than achieving?