Day 8 Wallowing In Goodness


Sheep signed

What if I saw everything differently?

You on exhibition in me,

I often fail to recognize,

while muddling in some lesser version of myself,

a team member that forgot her team.


Rebel rouser,

fists in air,

defending overrun turf.


What if I turned the tables and only saw love?

What if I stopped projecting jagged paths and crooked climbs?

What if I grasped I was carrying all I think I lack?


Missed out bundles of all of me-acceptance spilling over,

spacious love that becomes self-love,

a go sign for more love,

a welcome mat when I’ve been unwelcomed,

x-ray vision to see with compassion,

frozen children in grown-up clothes.


What if I stopped taking it personally?

What if I loved those that stubbed my toes and saw them as gifts?

What if I wallowed in your forever goodness?