Day 9-Beauty, 30 Days of Creative Expression


Lance Secretan wrote about the BEAUTY SPIRIT@WORK ® Card, “ If we fail to see the beauty in each other, we fail to honor each other, and where there is no honor, there can be no inspiration.”

Today my thirty-day challenge: 30 Days of Creative Expression is about BEAUTY.

We’ve all heard the saying, “BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder.” However, BEAUTY is not merely an outer reality dependent upon our various tastes and perceptions, but BEAUTY is also a state-of-being.

Have you ever noticed that one day you feel quite beautiful and the next despicable, because you’re having a bad hair day? Has anything really change from one day to the next?

What if BEAUTY was truly a state-of-being? What if you’re BEAUTY wasn’t dependent on what you felt depicted in your mirror on a certain day, but on an unchanging validation that you received by the mere fact that you exist?

If you were to truly own that love-validation how might that change your beauty-perception of yourself and others?