Your Life Is A Manifesto

Jumping off from last week’s discussion around values on, A Little Bit Vibrant and A Little Bit Moxie Radio Show, today fellow life coach Nicole Greer and I talked about creating and using the powerful tool of a Manifesto. You can find the recording of today’s show here.  And find the recording of the previous show on Values, here. 


Why are manifestos important?

A personal manifesto is a powerful tool that is a declaration of your core values and beliefs, what you stand for, and how you intend to live your life. It can function as both a statement of principles and as a call to action. A personal manifesto helps to establish:

▪    A frame of reference

▪    A compass to steer with

▪    A guide to remind you of your priorities

▪    A foundation to build upon


Without clarity, vision and purpose any action we take will only keep us circling around the cul-de-sac of confusion. A manifesto helps define and state what is important to us. Creating a manifesto helps us identify where there is a need or gap that we were created to remedy, what the benefit is and whom the benefit will impact. This immediately helps us move away for all that is incongruent and outside of the vision.


When we clarify and define our passion, vision and life’s work we are better able to stay the course, remain focused and course correct when needed. This tool helps to differentiate the path so that the ship is not run a drift for lack of clear direction and intentional action. 


Guidelines for Writing Your Personal Manifesto

There are two separate manifestos I recommend clients create. The first one is a personal manifesto expressing, who you are and what is important to you. There is no right of wrong way to express this. The idea is merely to capture on paper statements about yourself. You can continue to define and refine over time as you gain greater awareness and clarity. Below see the example of my personal manifesto.


Personal Manifest


As you gain personal clarity it is amazing how you begin to open up and expand into broader vision. The purpose of the Mission Manifesto is that it declares, “that which will appear” or manifest and as your mission. Below I’ve posted the example of my Mission Manifesto.


Mission Manifesto


Create Your Own Manifesto

Start writing your manifesto by answering the following questions: What is_____


  1. The Need or Gap(s) you’ve experienced in the world? Example:shame,condemnation,fear, poverty of mind, (lack of grounded identity)


  1. The Remedy for the gap and your Passion? Example: Awaken to a fully loved identity


  1. The ultimate Benefit and Reason? Example: Transformed lives! Experience, love, hope, vision, possibility, support for one another, a personal love revelation


  1. Who is this for? Women



Remember to use inspiring and powerful words, write your manifesto in present tense and be sure to keep it positive. I’ve created mine in bright colors and fun fonts. Keep your manifesto as a clear and powerful reminder of who you are, your passion and where you are going in life, as you move forward with action and intentional steps to see your vision manifest.

Have fun creating!