Divine Appointments

Kimberism: Earth crammed with heaven and every common bush a fire with God. But only he who sees takes off his shoes-the rest sit around it plucking blackberries. Elizabeth Barrett Browning I knew had a Divine appointment this week while my entire family was away. As you can imagine it’s quite infrequent that a brood this size would be away all at once! Although I could have missed it and busied myself with numerous activities and invitations, as I was tempted to do, I got the message loud and clear that this time had been "setup". Come to think of it it’s the only time in all my years as a mom and wife that I have ever experienced this. Although I knew I needed to place presidence on this arrangement, unfortunately it hurt some people’s feelings when I declined invitations

Did the heavens part and the thunder clap the moment my last child left the property? No not exactly, but I knew that if this time was arranged, it wasn't so I would be stood up, or blown off.  I became mindful of the time my son Josh banished himself in his room until he had an encounter with heaven, and boy did he!

After rounding the bend at 7:00 am on my morning walk I saw a large crowd lined up in front of a studio in hopes of getting their prized seat for a show and then not too much further down the street I noticed an old poster in a window of an antique store depicting the first couple, Adam and Eve with the word “lovers.”  That image caused me to reflect on the notion that the world began with a love relationship, first God with man and then the first created couple. Yet in our busy lives how little attention we give to this heavenly relationship. Would we wait all night in line for an appointment with heaven? If you’re like me you like your sleep way too much!

If the world began with this focus it’s hard to imagine that there would ever be an intended departure from it. Yet how much time and consideration do we give to this Supreme relationship and believe me I’m not talking about rote church attendance, rituals, or formula? Is a heavenly relationship an after thought for you?

Why not get “setup” for your heavenly encounter. Knock on heaven's door until you get an answer!

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